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Come visit Teq AVIT at Educause 14 conference booth # 678 in Orlando, Florida.   Teq AVIT will exhibit WiD and WiPS series Wireless / Over IP LAN network Presentation and Screen Mirroring devices at Educause 14 show floor.

Come in and connect any BYOD to our WiD510 and you will be automatically entered to win the same unit.

Teq AVIT is the world leader since 2007 with wireless, networked and interactive AV IT solutions for Classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, labs, conference rooms, library, student center, collaborative space and flexible meeting areas for all higher education institutions- colleges, universities, schools. 

Connect, Collaborate, Interact, Discover with
Teq AVIT   



With Teq AVIT explore new ways to teach. Learn the right ways to interact. Simplify and be student friendly, accommodate BYOD and BYOT transition to new current technology




See our latest innovations:

Teq AVIT Education solution allows you to:

  • BYOD wireless presentation
  • Full HD 1080P Screen mirroring
  • Students Collaboration through their own devices
  • Multiple users connect to same device

Teq AVIT Solution Benefits:

  • Promote creativity in student
  • Future-proof AVIT solution
  • Easy integration & implementation
  • Fast to learn and easy to train
  • Lowest cost and a quick ROI

To learn more about our WiD510-EDU click here:

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We would love to meet all attendees at Educause Exhibit Hall at booth # 678, so if you are attending and would like to reserve meeting time fill out the form below. If you are Virtual Conference attendee or could not attend in person this year, by filling out the form we will make sure you will not miss anything from Teq AVIT.


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