News : QikSign - reliable and affordable digital signage

QikSign - reliable and affordable digital signage

Enter the fastest growing AV market with QikSign from Teq AVIT

Ranch Santa Margarita, February 21, 2007 - QikSign from Teq AVIT is a Plug & Play digital signage product. With a size smaller than a mini notebook, the unit holds a powerful computer with a stable and reliable Linux operating system that will display the digital content immediately after power up. The system will restart automatically without a "blue screen" on accidental or forced power downs. The sturdy metal case can be easily mounted on the back of any LCD, plasma display, projectors, or even in equipment racks. This unit will allow even the most skeptical users an economical entry into the fastest growing market in the AV industry. Hotels, airports, hospitals, and many larger retail stores have already started to utilize this new and exiting media. Many other areas of business such a sport arenas, smaller retail stores, restaurant, car dealerships, corporate buildings, healthcare and public services, public transportation systems, outdoor advertisers and many more are ready to invest into this new form of media.

The VPX110 is a true Plug & Play product. Install the provided software on a PC, select a screen layout pattern; upload your content, schedule the display time, and you are ready to go. It takes less than 10 minutes for a novice to install and display a multi-zone advertising display. 

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Key Features

  • Turn-key digital signage solution
  • Turns any static display instantly into a multi-zone, multimedia advertising, or information system
  • Automatic "Play & Show" mode
  • Playback of video, graphics and text in multiple windows
  • Multimedia formats MPEG1,2,4, MP3, Jpeg, BMP
  • High-quality DVI and VGA output up to XGA resolution
  • Compact and easy-to-install
  • Shock-proof internal hard drive with heat protection
  • Free software provided for Layout and Scheduling

"QikSign is an amazing product. When asked to put a demo together quickly for one of our customers, I was a little worried not being a graphic designer," explains Thomas Mulligan, Application Engineer. He continues:
"Once I had the product in front of me it took only a couple of minutes to get the unit to display eye-catching digital signage with graphics, movie clips, and ticker message on the screen. It couldn't be any easier to create effective digital signage."
The new product line is shipping as of January 2007.

For more information on ways to utilize digital signage to your advantage, visit our web site at www.teqavit.com or call 949-709-4040.

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About Teq AVIT

Teq AVIT is a division of Teq Gear, Inc., a privately held company with main offices in Rancho Santa Margarita, California . Teq AVIT offers a wide range of products and services to the AV and IT industry throughout the world with its network of authorized dealers and distributors. Teq AVIT is dedicated to provide its customers in the AV and IT community with high quality, reliable, innovative, and value oriented audio, visual and network-based solutions with uncompromised quality and service.

Teq AVIT researches and develops new products based on customer feedback, market analysis, application driven and new or emerging technologies. Teq AVIT provides a variety of innovative solutions for high-resolution wireless computer video transmission, AV content recording, management, and broadcasting over net, media distribution and digital signage products. Teq AVIT serves many markets including but not limited to corporate, government, education, health care, public services, military, retail, entertainment, broadcast, transportation, home theater, rental and staging and many more.

There are many possibilities to integrate Teq AVIT products in different configurations to meet the needs of audio, visual and network applications, including customization. Well-trained staff provides support for all products from first customer contact to post-sales services and technical support.



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