News: Twisted Pair Products: Digital Audio and Skew Adjustment now a Standard Feature in Twisted Pair Products

Digital Audio and Skew Adjustment now a Standard Feature in TEQ AV/IT Twisted Pair Products

Rancho Santa Margarita, Monday, April 16, 2007 –
Teq AVIT is proud to announce the next generation of its Twisted Pair (CAT5) product line. Starting in April, all AV transmitters and receivers with audio will have Digital Audio (S/PDIF) as a standard feature.
The analog audio input on the transmitters is encoded into Digital Audio, with a local S/PDIF loop-out. The receivers have both, a Digital and an Analog audio output.
Due to the transmission of the audio in digital format, the audio output quality is identical to that of the audio source, meaning no quality loss on stereo, 5:1, or 7:1 audio channels.

In addition to the audio quality enhancement, all receivers with a transmission range of 1000 ft have build-in skew adjustment as a standard feature that allows up to 64 ns of timing adjustment on each individual color, making the product compatible with all Twisted Pair cables: CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, or low/non skew.
It is easy to use!
Teq AVIT offers several Qik Install Kits that come with a transmitter and receiver, a VGA input cable, and a 50ft CAT5e cable.
The basic kit, with a range of up to 450ft, sells for $495 MSRP and may be used as a perfect alternative for the traditional, but more expensive computer interfaces for VGA over coax cables.

The new product line is the ideal solution for customers that are looking for an economical way to distribute AV signals to multiple displays over long distances or for projects where an existing Twisted Pair (CAT5) cable infrastructure needs to be utilized.

Key Feature

  • Digital Audio, S/PDIF, encoding and decoding
  • Integrated Skew Adjustment on all 1000 ft receivers
  • Equalization on all receivers
  • Gain control on all receivers
  • Local video loop out on all transmitters
  • Up to 2000ft between source and display with repeater
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Plug and Play turn-key interface solution
  • UXGA resolution up to 1000 ft

“Until recently, Digital Signage Designers were not too concerned about the audio quality. Today high quality audio and video are complementing each other in new design concepts, which have audio and video working together, re-enforcing each other, interacting with the product, the display or mobile technologies. Teq AVIT’s new generation of transmitters and receivers with digital audio are designed and manufactured to withhold the ever increasing sophistication of Digital Signage design, “explains Teq AVIT Application Engineer Thomas Mulligan. “The high quality digital audio makes our Twisted Pair products extremely attractive in many traditional and new markets. Rental and Staging companies and Digital Signage Solution providers always had concerns about the audio quality of CAT5 distribution products. They now have Teq AVIT Twisted Pair products with Digital Audio, where high quality audio is the standard. Another advantage is our build-in skew adjustment for all receivers with a range over 450 ft. Put a test pattern on a display and “step” through the RGB color adjustment. It couldn’t easier and more time saving,” says Mitesh Patel, President of Teq AVIT.

About Teq AVIT

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" Digital Audio and Skew Adjustment now a Standard Feature in TEQ AV/IT Twisted Pair Products

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