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Wireless Computing and high-resolution video transmission is a reality with new Wireless Presenter Gateway WID110 from Teq AVIT.

Ranch Santa Margarita, October 11, 2007 - Teq AVIT is proud to announce its new Wireless Presentation Gateway WID110. It is a wireless receiver for high-resolution computer video at native resolution and true colors at full refresh rate.  With its built-in internet gateway it might be the only device in the room besides a display and mount that one would need.

Teq AV/IT had the most powerful computer video receiver over 802.11 g called WirelessXGA for over 2 years.  The new Wireless Presentation Gateway has been developed after taking customer feedback and incorporating their requests.  Now a days, most presentation or trainings are conducted using notebook computers of participants who have network card built-in.   WID110 uses that built-in network card as transmitter to make it a real wireless room.  Today wireless is getting momentum with developments in cell phones, PDA, iPOD and it is supported by building infra-structure of wireless routers, access points and gateways, so why not make presentation equipment also wireless.

New Wireless presentation gateway WID110 is the ideal solution for customers who are looking for an economical and quick-to-install display including projector or plasma or LCD.  Why run heavy cables and expensive and proprietary control systems that will cost more in labor and be obsolete in few years, but achieve the wireless freedom today.  Wireless video technology has matured since last few years and is ready for the center stage.  It is prefect solution and classic example of merging AV and IT world that is here to stay for long period of time for  all applications from media distribution, presentation, training  in markets like schools, universities, colleges, board rooms, churches, offices, public places, retail stores and many more.


Key Features

  • Industry’s first computer video wireless receiver supporting WXGA as native resolution ideal for flat panel Plasma or LCD and widescreen projectors
  • Full compatibility with new Windows Vista and Mac OS
  • One time 15-second installation of drivers directly from device, no need for CD or web download
  • Only device to support 32-bit color depth for true image reproduction
  • Internet gateway is built-in for convenience so use only single wireless card to present and surf internet
  • Complete control over presentation and sharing display with multiple users with click of a mouse
  • Low latency in video transmission of less than half a second
  • Support for most popular video format at full 30 frames per seconf
  • Completely secured and encrypted wireless transmission or high-res. video over IP (LAN)

“Use of wireless devices are increasing day by day in this generation of iPOD and SMS to save time and money from complicated meeting room or presentation installations.  WID110 wireless receiver is ideal equipment to install in new projects or replace existing traditional signal management equipment due to ease of use for current wireless-generation users,” explains Mitesh Patel, President of Teq AVIT.   He continues, “Coupled with lower cost, ease of installation and reproduction of same quality of image on any display identical to old-traditional products, what else one can ask to replace the proprietary interfaces or line drivers with WID110 to be part of current wireless revolution for the next generation.”

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