News : New netRPB - Experience the Live Presentation of unique All-in-one Recorder – Player – Broadcaster.

New netRPB –
Experience the Live Presentation of unique All-in-one Recorder – Player – Broadcaster.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 12/11/2006– Teq AVIT (div. of Teq Gear, Inc.) announces the introduction of its new netRPB Live Presentation Recorder – Player – Broadcaster.

View a live stream of multi-format sources in a single stream over net or download the FREE netRPB player from www.netRPB.com or www.teqavit.com

The netRPB is a real-time, multi-format, multi-source capturing, web streaming server, player, and storage device. It is the only equipment needed to record and broadcast high-resolution proAV grade streaming video over internet or LAN. Broadcasting and simultaneous recording a training session, a sales presentation, a boardroom meeting, a town-hall meeting or a surgery is now possible at a push of a button.

Installing the IPR101 (netRPB) is easy, plug-in a PC or laptop to play a multimedia file or presentation, attach one or two cameras, and up to two microphones. Then it takes only seconds to record and broadcast in real-time or play back the stored multimedia content. Recorded content, in a standard windows format, may be uploaded to a service provider or media host to allow a larger number of users to view a recorded and archived presentation from netRPB.

The excellent price to performance ratio makes the netRPB the ideal product for projects with tight budgets and users with little or no technical / web casting experience. The netRPB allows to cut down on expensive hosted video-conferencing service or multi-city or international travel. It opens the door for an affordable on-line training and distant education program for every school, university, corporation or government agency.

  1. Easy-to-use, simple one-button operation
  2. Multi-source & format recording with simultaneous real time broadcast in a single stream
  3. Supports one Computer Video input with resolutions from VGA to UXGA, two Composite Video inputs, and two voice-over microphone inputs
  4. Full Computer Video recording & real time web cast with up to 30 fps
  5. Control ports for two PTZ cameras
  6. Maintains audio and video synchronization and low delay streaming
  7. Transmission bandwidth is adjustable for Intranet, Internet/ WAN transmission
  8. Free netRPB Player with multi-screens flexible size windows available or use Windows Media Player TM
  9. Creates media format files that are compatible with Microsoft Windows Media Services TM
  10. MSRP $ 17,995

“The netRPB is another turn-key solution for AV and IT users. It combines all necessary function and connections to record, broadcast, and at the same time archive presentations, meetings, events, lectures, or trials.

From novice to web casting professional anybody can use this all-in-one unit making it the only equipment needed in all markets from schools to boardrooms, for on-line sales presentations to distant learning. With its competitive price the netRPB will be within the reach of many users that would like to use web casting as a fast, economic, and easy way to distribute digital multi-media content and record the presentation for digital record-keeping. We are very excited to have a live presentation available on our website now. Try it, you’ll like it!” promises Mitesh Patel, CEO and President of Teq AVIT.

To view a live multi-input stream, or to download the FREE netRPB player visit our web site at www.netRPB.com or http://www.teqavit.us/live_presentation.html

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A high resolution product picture is available for download on our website under
News/ New netRPB – View a Live Presentation of the unique web broadcasting Recorder – Player – Broadcaster”.

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